Wireless Network Access


Ball State provides wireless network coverage in all of the major academic and administrative buildings on campus as well as many outdoor common areas throughout the campus. The wireless network can also be found in the common areas of the residence halls and is available in all residence hall rooms. This wireless connectivity allows flexibility for accessing the Internet and other applications while on campus.

*Please Note*
Ball State's wireless network is a wireless "local area" network that operates ONLY on Ball State's campus in Muncie. The wireless network does NOT serve as an internet service provider for off campus student housing.

Hardware and Software Requirements
To access the wireless network, a computer needs to be equipped with a wireless network card. Newer laptops come with a built-in wireless card. However, older laptops may not have a built-in card and an external wireless card would be needed. An external card can purchased from a local computer store or from the Technology Store located in Bracken Library in room 103. Select buildings on campus provide both 2.4GHz and 5GHz 802.11n coverage. Dual-band 802.11n cards will provide the best performance, but only an 802.11b/g card is required.

Authentication for Students and University Employees
Campus visitors can access the "bsuguest" wireless network for instant connectivity. You will select the "bsuguest" SSID from the list of wireless SSID choices. No WPA or WEP keys are required to access the network. It will take you to a webpage where you are prompted to click a “Submit” button which grants you network access. Then, periodically you will be prompted to select the “Submit” button to allow you to continue your network access.

Getting Help
For more information, or you would like to create a Helpdesk ticket, please visit the HelpDesk website at